San Pedro De La Roca ~ Morro de Santiago de Cuba

Hello there friends; What can I say about this superb place I did visit in my trip to Cuba, San Pedro de la Roca, el Morro de Santiago de Cuba, ( read Wikipedia entry here ), again, in my 32 years living in Cuba, never had the chance to visit this place, located over Santiago […]

Laguna Baconao…a reached goal!

Hello there! I am enjoying this post already, for many years I wanted to visit this place in Cuba, is Called Parque Nacional Baconao (Baconao National Park) Baconao is an indian name, the history says he was a little indian, who lived over this area, when the conquistador came to the new world. (Read the […]


Hello readers; After my trip to Cuba, want to share a little compilation of portraits I did during my time over, let’s start now: This dude was in Santiago de Cuba, I was buying some water in this store when found the guy, of course didn’t hesitate in asking for a photo, pretty awesome to […]

Sunshine MX, Fall Brawl…. a New Beginning

Hey there, One just before bed time, last Sunday when remembering 9/11 I went to Sunshine MX over Clearwater,  great event from Barney’s lots of mud on the track and lots of Sun too, got a few thousand of photos that I just post processing now, next time will take a few less, just to […]

On the move, from a car, RURAL Views

Hello there, TGIF! right Well I am here to show you around places over Paradise Lost, yes is the road that goes from Camagüey (main City) to Nuevitas….. (this one is not that bug -laughing-), in my last visit capture some photos, light was kind of hard about 2 PM, very white, and on the […]

At State’s End… A quick visit to Daytona Beach

Hello There; Saturday I rode with friends to Daytona Beach, yes at State’s End, what a wonderful ride I can say, no highways, all back roads, here is the map: Well we hit the road about 8 AM, I was on my bike about 7 AM, met over the Flying J (SR 52 and I-75) […]

Triumph Factory Truck & Demo Rides…. a dream come true!

Hey folks; I was waiting for this for months, by Triumph organizer the Factory Truck just go to the dealer that organize the event, so last weekend the Truck was in the Local St. PeterPowerSports, dealer. I have to say the demo was a bomb, so cool, rode the Thruxton Cafe Racer and the Daytona […]

Downtown Tampa, again!

Hello there; This is a report from a small visit to Downtown Tampa, Enjoy! Cesar Out Note: Pictures taken with Nikon D300, Sigma 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6 HSM DC EX, Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 HSM DG EX Macro on Lexar Digital film

Full Moon 1 ~ Photographer 0… Harvest Moon Hunting Day at Fort DeSoto

Hello folks, Hey, with all this crazy stuff about Full Moon (harvest Moon) you get kind of frantic, and want to catch some great shots of the Astro, but let me tell you one thing you are going to get blind and delirious if you don’t get prepared in advanced. OK, here is what happened, […]

The Marina…

Hello Again; Months ago, I did visit Cuba, after two years, everything was really sad, I did comment before (read here) how bad it was, well, I had to say that I am going to be posting for several time, pieces of that visit, the ones that bring happiness in that 2 weeks in hell. […]

Central Florida Sunset…

Hello Folks; If you live in Central Florida, you gonna like this one: is a sunset, in the middle of nowhere, Dunnellon FL, light was superb, no hesitation with the camera, here the details: Enjoy, Photos taken with Nikon D300, Sigma 17-70mm f/4.5-2.8 HSM Macro DC on Lexar Professional Digital Film Cesar Out

Camaguey, CUBA… a Happy Recovery!

Hey Folks, this collection of pictures from my hometown in Cuba, Camaguey, was a happy recovery, I can say that more than ever I do recommend Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, I did recover this photos from the thumbnails that the software create, and with a 24″ monitor, you can work your magic, I do know I […]