Laguna Baconao…a reached goal!

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Hello there! I am enjoying this post already, for many years I wanted to visit this place in Cuba, is Called Parque Nacional Baconao (Baconao National Park) Baconao is an indian name, the history says he was a little indian, who lived over this area, when the conquistador came to the new world. (Read the […]


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Hello readers; After my trip to Cuba, want to share a little compilation of portraits I did during my time over, let’s start now: This dude was in Santiago de Cuba, I was buying some water in this store when found the guy, of course didn’t hesitate in asking for a photo, pretty awesome to […]

Back from Paradise Lost!

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Hello there friends! Just after hours of my return to civilization, had a great time with family and friends over Cuba, right now working on selection and cataloging close to 2k photos. Here now I want to show you two panos from my visit to Santiago de Cuba, one in La Gran Piedra (The Big […]

Sunshine MX, Fall Brawl…. a New Beginning

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Hey there, One just before bed time, last Sunday when remembering 9/11 I went to Sunshine MX over Clearwater,  great event from Barney’s lots of mud on the track and lots of Sun too, got a few thousand of photos that I just post processing now, next time will take a few less, just to […]

On the move, from a car, RURAL Views

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Hello there, TGIF! right Well I am here to show you around places over Paradise Lost, yes is the road that goes from Camagüey (main City) to Nuevitas….. (this one is not that bug -laughing-), in my last visit capture some photos, light was kind of hard about 2 PM, very white, and on the […]

Downtown Tampa, again!

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Hello there; This is a report from a small visit to Downtown Tampa, Enjoy! Cesar Out Note: Pictures taken with Nikon D300, Sigma 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6 HSM DC EX, Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 HSM DG EX Macro on Lexar Digital film

The Marina…

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Hello Again; Months ago, I did visit Cuba, after two years, everything was really sad, I did comment before (read here) how bad it was, well, I had to say that I am going to be posting for several time, pieces of that visit, the ones that bring happiness in that 2 weeks in hell. […]

Central Florida Sunset…

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Hello Folks; If you live in Central Florida, you gonna like this one: is a sunset, in the middle of nowhere, Dunnellon FL, light was superb, no hesitation with the camera, here the details: Enjoy, Photos taken with Nikon D300, Sigma 17-70mm f/4.5-2.8 HSM Macro DC on Lexar Professional Digital Film Cesar Out

Camaguey, CUBA… a Happy Recovery!

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Hey Folks, this collection of pictures from my hometown in Cuba, Camaguey, was a happy recovery, I can say that more than ever I do recommend Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, I did recover this photos from the thumbnails that the software create, and with a 24″ monitor, you can work your magic, I do know I […]