Full Moon 1 ~ Photographer 0… Harvest Moon Hunting Day at Fort DeSoto

Hello folks,

Hey, with all this crazy stuff about Full Moon (harvest Moon) you get kind of frantic, and want to catch some great shots of the Astro, but let me tell you one thing you are going to get blind and delirious if you don’t get prepared in advanced.

OK, here is what happened, I was over Fort DeSoto National Park in St Petersburg, Fl, last Thursday, trying to get a nice spot to photograph the moon, well, didn’t get the exact time the moon going to be at it best, and guest what?, spend almost 4 hours waiting, in my frantic waiting, I have to use my camera, of course, I would never return home without data in my Lexar CF Cards,shot a few pictures of the weather, by the way that day I have to wait inside my FJ for a storm to pass, was windy and rainy, but after all I am happy had some nice weather photographs, a couple of folk trying to pass through the storm and of Course my FJ.

Light conditions were not the best had to trust the white balance settings in the Camera Electronics, (used WB settings A, Cloudy, and PRE) with some great results so I can say loud the Nikon have been doing great in the area.

This is a selection of what happened Thursday, enjoy and critic, I will be happy to hear from you.

During the stay I found a few folks, this one was getting ready to pass the storm, wind was blowing really hard, I think he was modeling for the camera.

This was the location of the FJ Cruiser, AKA Mr Bold and Sexy! my D300 got a little wet during the making, but the whole scene was so perfect I can’t passed the chance.

In this shot a Container Ship was entering the Tampa Bay, straight to a heavy rain, Where is the Port Pilot?

Well I come back home with no Harvest Moon Pictures, and a great Apps in my iPhone for moon dates, now I know what time Moon going to be FULL, Happy after all for this photographs can wait for next month Full Moon (speaking of which is October 22nd, Friday at 9:36:15 PM). so now you know.

well now is time to get busy, gotta work to do, hope you have a great weekend!

Note: Photographs taken with Nikon D300, Sigma Lenses, including Sigma 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6 HSM DC EX, Sigma 17-70mm f/3.5-2.8 HSM Macro DC, Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 HSM Macro DG on Lexar Professional Digital Film

Cesar Out!

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