Hi everybody!!!

Cesar Here!…. Web Developer and Systems Administrator from 8 – 5. When not at the Office I carry with me a nice Photog Paraphernalia back pack (LowePro Dry Zone 200), inside ===> Nikon Cameras and lenses (Nikon D700, Nikon D300, Nikon F100) and many other tools, of course. Photography and Adventure are ingredients in my day to day life mixed with motorcycles and outdoor activities;  and I do want to share My Experiences here with You.

Five years ago I did travel to this beautiful country, and of course; and dont want to talk about details, I was using a boat, commonly in Cubans right!!!, I know you probably have a lot of questions, but thats for now the history of my life.

Choosing Nikon wasnt just a matter of choice, Nikon dictate for me perfection, exquisite design and superb image quality, I am capturing moments and hunting for light since I was 14 years old, back in Cuba I did start playing with light using a Bilia camera (from the Former Soviet Union, Lomo Factory look into my old school gear here) and printing over my fathers friend studio in a kids hospital, then and after a few years upgrade to Leica M2, a perfect camera for me, of course my photography maestro gave it to me after being discontinued, I did really enjoy using this machine.

A period of time in my photography life that mark my style and the way I do interpret light and composition was back in my college career, after have been photographing everything and start shooting for a local rock band, back in 1993, I finally met a Real Maestro, the person who taught the principals of being a good photographer, or at least make you a good photographer for yourself, even if your art is not good for somebody else eyes. I did move all this knowledge back to college, in my four year (Law School) I was teaching First Year  General Photography, and Fourth Year Advanced Photography in the CSI Program (Crime Scene Investigation) I was really enjoying this task, no questions ask!.

Myself, a  Nikon D300, Sigma 10-20mm, Speedlight SB800, Manfrotto 055XBPro Tripod with 486RC2 Ballhead

Now, and being here in this beautiful city and country I can say that my art move to the next level, the one I call Personal Satisfaction and Enjoyment, I have a job that I really love (Systems Administrator and Web Development for a Housing Agency) and I have my gear to capture the moments that going to make me remember how good it was.

No more to say, only thanks for stopping by, hope you like what I do have in my personal collections, all critics are more than welcome; is the only way to have or to better our daily work.

As usual, happy light hunting folks, remember having fun doing photography, make you better and put a little bit of happiness in your daily life.


Note: Picture Taken with Nikon D300 using Sigma 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6 DC HSM EX on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film