Super Moon… Finally!

Hello there, and happy Super Moon Night!

A few months back I was hunting for the Super Moon or Harvest Moon (read my adventure here) over Forst DeSoto National Park, but nothing, nada, zippy!, had to comeback home with a few of good shots, but nada about the moon.

Today, as the moon is in its closest distance to the planet (221,792 Miles), I decide to grab it by the horns! this is the Moon rise over Tampa, FL:

Selection of DX for more reach of the 200mm tele, I just was aching for a 600mm VR Nikon, uffffff, (sights)

( this is an update of this entry, my Super Moon Picture was featured in Flickr Explore in the Last 7 Days., Kudos!!!!)


After many tries, got my truck and went to University of Tampa, this is one of my favorites place to shoot Downtown, I was planning in doing a Panorama of Down Town, so while waiting for the Moon, I was working on this:

Very Happy with the results, just wait for the moon, it was rising over the Sheraton Hotel in DT so what I did was just get the shining, no reason for me to use a telephoto:

Right there in the middle!

During the Wait for the moonrise I was able to photograph the DT with twilight light, very tricky, using EV -0.7 was the best option to my results:

And before formatting my CF card, a try for the moon brightness:

Well, Hope this super moon bring luck in every one of you guys, I am tired, spend the day over the Bradenton Speedway, got back sun burned and with a few photos to process and select, so time to go horizontal.

Cesar Out!

Note: Pictures taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar UDMA Professional Digital Film

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