Hello there, and happy Super Moon Night!

A few months back I was hunting for the Super Moon or Harvest Moon (read my adventure here) over Forst DeSoto National Park, but nothing, nada, zippy!, had to comeback home with a few of good shots, but nada about the moon.

Today, as the moon is in its closest distance to the planet (221,792 Miles), I decide to grab it by the horns! this is the Moon rise over Tampa, FL:

Selection of DX for more reach of the 200mm tele, I just was aching for a 600mm VR Nikon, uffffff, (sights)

( this is an update of this entry, my Super Moon Picture was featured in Flickr Explore in the Last 7 Days., Kudos!!!!)


After many tries, got my truck and went to University of Tampa, this is one of my favorites place to shoot Downtown, I was planning in doing a Panorama of Down Town, so while waiting for the Moon, I was working on this:

Very Happy with the results, just wait for the moon, it was rising over the Sheraton Hotel in DT so what I did was just get the shining, no reason for me to use a telephoto:

Right there in the middle!

During the Wait for the moonrise I was able to photograph the DT with twilight light, very tricky, using EV -0.7 was the best option to my results:

And before formatting my CF card, a try for the moon brightness:

Well, Hope this super moon bring luck in every one of you guys, I am tired, spend the day over the Bradenton Speedway, got back sun burned and with a few photos to process and select, so time to go horizontal.

Cesar Out!

Note: Pictures taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar UDMA Professional Digital Film

Check Joe Mcnally’s Blog about a Supermoon Photo


  1. Lyman Duggan

    Supermoon Blamed For Grounding of 5 Vessels
    Between the Isle of Wright and Hampshire Coast, 5 ships ran aground within hours in one of the worlds busiest shipping lanes. The Solent sandbanks the vessels hit are not normally exposed, but it is believed that the supermoon phenomenon led to unexpectedly lower tides.
    Known to affect the progression of tides, the moon was closest to the Earth as it had been in 19 years when the groundings took place, only 221,567 miles away, leaving it hard to believe the super moon wasnt the culprit for the low tides. Tides are strongest at new or full moon, and even stronger at lunar perigee, resulting in a more disparate range of high and low tides. Usually, a supermoon will only lower tides around 1 inch, but sometimes a sea can lose more a depth of 6 inches, like in the case of Solent.

  2. Wow!, now, that’s impressive!

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