Hello readers;

After my trip to Cuba, want to share a little compilation of portraits I did during my time over, let’s start now:

This dude was in Santiago de Cuba, I was buying some water in this store when found the guy, of course didn’t hesitate in asking for a photo, pretty awesome to see a Hasselblad in Cuba.

This is an old man, he wanted to get photographed together with my friend’s wife, had to cut the frame!

My friend Maye, with my Nat Geo Hat!, very sexy indeed, the photo was taken over Baconao Park, very, very far away from our HQs

This one, a bus driver who work in the park was the man in charge of the transportation of the workers, he drives the bus in the early morning the spent the whole day doing nothing, this time he decided to fish and have some fun. He has a funny NY hat, take a look

This lady was in Manzanillo, Granma,I was walking with my brother when I find her, pretty funny the way she holds her dog!

Now I am going to leave you with the gallery of the post, enjoy and comment!

Have a great night!

Cesar Out

Note: Pictures taken with a Nikon D700 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA digital film