San Pedro De La Roca ~ Morro de Santiago de Cuba

Hello there friends;

What can I say about this superb place I did visit in my trip to Cuba, San Pedro de la Roca, el Morro de Santiago de Cuba, ( read Wikipedia entry here ), again, in my 32 years living in Cuba, never had the chance to visit this place, located over Santiago de Cuba, not even when doing some time in college in this city.

But let me tell you a funny story behind this visit, we drove for hours from our visit to the Big Rock (La Gran Piedra), we even got lost when going to the Castle, the problem is, There are not signals over there like we have here!!!, don’t get me wrong, signals exist, but sometimes got stolen, I don’t know why people take this signals, but hey, is just real. When decided to ask for directions, the best way to use the closest thing to a GPS Navi, to a guy from the “FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD”, he told us “you guys are going the wrong way”; well this was around four miles out of the correct road, and in the middle of the intrigue of the residents looking at us we decided to turn around. U turn right there, and finally in the right track to the Castle.

Like a turist trap, the first thing we saw over was the local little places where you can buy souvenirs, the usual suspects indeed, maracas, guiros, and many other instruments to play SON!, the building was amazing love the old spanish construction with everything they can imagine to put in the mix call TERCIO, like a concrete. The payment to go inside the castle was a little bit pricey, so we decided not to go inside, walking around was enough for me to capture great images.

This time spent a little more time with some creative editing for the files, for now my favorite place during my vacation in Cuba, so textures and sun glare have to be in every photo. Friends, wanna leave you now with a small gallery of my visit, is always hard to pair the moment of being in a place you never being before and document with photos the visit, training in process for better travel photography.

Here is the Gallery:

Hope you guys have a great thursday and coming weekend

Cesar Out!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma and Tamron lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film, post processing with PS CS5.1 and OnOne Software Perfect Effects 6.0