Hello Again;

Months ago, I did visit Cuba, after two years, everything was really sad, I did comment before (read here) how bad it was, well, I had to say that I am going to be posting for several time, pieces of that visit, the ones that bring happiness in that 2 weeks in hell.

This entry is about the Local Marina, (I am calling MARINA what is a little prison for boats, sarcastic this one isn’t it?), this Marina is just a place the Government built to put the little boats and control WHO goes out, whom, where and when, if you own a little boat, you have to have a permit from the Government to go fishing, or just go out and sail, yes is just like that, sucks right, but its the daily life of people who own a vessel over there.

This is a Google View of the place, I zoomed in to show you how they put a fence all over the Marina:

You can visit the Interactive map here

Well after this briefing, let me show you this raw beauty place, when time stop many years ago:

After tonight I realize the potential of a few pictures, I promise I will be keeping you posted with all the goodies.

Notes: Photos taken with Nikon D300, Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 HSM DC Macro on Lexar Digital Film and GP-1 Nikon GPS Unit

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