At State’s End… A quick visit to Daytona Beach

Hello There;

Saturday I rode with friends to Daytona Beach, yes at State’s End, what a wonderful ride I can say, no highways, all back roads, here is the map:

Well we hit the road about 8 AM, I was on my bike about 7 AM, met over the Flying J (SR 52 and I-75) then to Daytona, over the destination we visited the BMW, Ducati and Triumoh Dealer over there, cool stuff all over the place even the prices were amazing, Triumph Speed Triple for $7,995.00 so cool.

Well let me show you some shots:

What I gonna tell you now, is Top Secret, so you can go and tell your best friend, THE FOOD was JUST AMAZING, best Mahi-Mahi BLT ever, just stop by Caribbean’s Jack and you will remember! Check Caribbean’s Jack Website Here, Oh by the way if you like to ride Triumph Motorcycles, the selection of apparel and accessories in the store is first class.

Well folks, if you like motorcycles then you can appreciate this beauty!, hope you enjoy

Cesar Out

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