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I am enjoying this post already, for many years I wanted to visit this place in Cuba, is Called Parque Nacional Baconao (Baconao National Park) Baconao is an indian name, the history says he was a little indian, who lived over this area, when the conquistador came to the new world. (Read the complete story over Wikipedia)

Here is a sculpture of a Taino indian and wife fishing:

This destination was the first of my vacation weekend over Cuba, we did around 1500 km round trip, but after all this safari, I was really happy to visit places I never, not even think in visit when living in Cuba.

We did several stops before the park, Sigua Beach, was a nice place, black sand beach with lot of rocks, another wow! in my mind, never see this before in my life. When over the lagoon already, we took a nice trip over the whole place, this lagoon connect with the sea through a small channel, 4 dolphins live inside the lagoon, we saw them, but they went away fast enough to make feel slow with my camera. One thing I was really surprised, because of the flora, the water in the lagoon looks really green, check the photos, pretty awesome.

Lunch was a must, eat over the other restaurant, one was a very expensive one, the crabs, oh the crabs, fresh as the air over the place, actually saw two men getting the trap out of the water we eat fresh seafood, and Cristal beer, very nice for around 15 USD for four persons.

Here is a small selection of the shootout, hope you enjoy:

You guys have a great evening!

Cesar Out!

Note: Pictures taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma and Tamron lenses, on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film, geo-tagging with Nikon GP-1 GPS


  1. I like your pictures of cuba i love going there every year to visit my family and see the sights in santiago did u take any pics of LA GRAN PIEDRA

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