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..when nature calls, you answer, I have to say, what a wonderful weekend, Memorial Weekend. I spent the whole long weekend over Fisheating Creek Outpost, near to Okeechobee and Palmdale, a very good company from Miami, Juan Carlos Aguero (check his blog here), and Roberto Puertas ((FB Profile Here), now let me show you the map, and the amount of photos, thanks to LR 4 Map Module, I have to say, this time Adobe, you figured it out!!!!

Well have to say the weekend was perfect, hopefully no rain at all, now was very hot and soupy, the humidity was over the limits, but hey!, this is Florida, what are you waiting for…..

The Team, Juan Carlos and Roberto form Miami, myself from Tampa, very good team to embrace the weekend, take a look:

In this location the water level should around 4 feet, if you can see, there are not even a inch of it, so sad, we found the levels were sol low, that we have to camp one mile before our original destination, the Memorial Tree, this is so wrong usually you find this information over the Outpost website, but this time NONE, looks like somebody sip all the water.

Photographing the are was a blast, we walked all geared up almost for two miles, man have to tell you, I have to get out more, after two hours walking with your photo backpack, you can fil the pain, have in the pack D300 w/70-200mm f/2.8, the all winner F100 w/85mm f/1.8 and three more lenses, take a look inside my backpack here.

The Base Camp was perfect, nice sand and the river front view, Prime Real Estate for the weekend, mira aqui:

Funny thing is that Roberto forgot his tent roof, we have to pull out all the ponchos and rain cover to cover his roof, funny. Another funny thing is just myself trying the acting business, damn I think I have a long way to go to be over the Oscars, hehehehehe, take a look:


Now I want to leave you with my photo gallery, hope you enjoy, I have to get back to work:

Just a Happy Weekend to you All,

Cesar Out!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D700/D300 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film


  1. Cesar, I’m speechless! The pictures are beautiful….looks like you guys had an amazing time.
    PS: y que tal los mosquitos? Habian?

    • Yes we had an amazing time!!!!, Fisheating Creek Outpost is a magical place, that safari was during last year Memorial Weekend, we had a blast, the only problem was the water, everything was dry, NO MOSQUITOES!!!!, I don’t know but around that ecosystem flying bugs are out of reach!!! thanks god for that!!! ~ glad to have you around

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