Hello folks,

Yesterday, hummm, what a day, a lot about this Supermoon, of course I don’t want to be alone at home watching Nat Geo Channel, so grabbed my gear and head out for photography. the Location, just a place close to home, over the neighbor city of St. Petersburg, when arriving to the place, just got amazed with the number of people were waiting for the Event!.

We waited for about 25 mins, and then the Moon, so majestic and red/orange over the horizon, I started shooting, the shootout lasted for around 2 hours, mosquitoes were killing me but after all, you just prevail there for a good photo.

I am very happy with this photo, the blue hour and the warm color of the Moon make the perfect combination, another point to mention, I did plan this shoot in advanced, deciding what location and knowing the time and azimuth where the moon going to rise.

I use this App, is called Deluxe Moon HD – Moon Phase Calendar (view App in iTunes Store), very handy app for exact times and azimuth, well get back to the Photo talk, one thing that really got me was this guy shooting with a Nikon J1, man, I have to say, don’t matter the size when you are willing to bring home a photo, take a look:

This is kinda cool isn’t it?

Another stuff I want to talk is the Lightroom 4 Map Tab, this is good guys, if you use any kind of GPS in your camera, or just if you are willing to add GPS data to your photos, LR4 Map Module is right there to do its job, I have my map right here:

I use the Nikon GP-1 GPS Unit (view details)

Well hope you got out yesterday, kinda hard to go it whit the 5 De Mayo celebrations, but hey!, when you care for this ONE IN THE YEAR EVENTS, party time can get another part in the schedule.

Here is a small gallery from yesterday, enjoy and share:

Now time to get back to the daily routine!

Cesar Out!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D700/D300 Using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Pro UDMA Digital Film

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