… and a Happy Ending for the Sad Story!

Hey there!

I guess you remember the post when I talked about loosing my photos in a very interesting photoshoot, right? (check here the post) well, I have to tell you, right now happiness prevail, a happy end for the sad story!

Result that I call Lexar Professional Services for support with my card, the guy was pretty straight forward, even offered me to recover the photos, the reason of this services is when you purchase a Lexar Professional Card, you have this Tech Support/Customer Service, I call it Golden Customer Service.

I filled a form with my information, send the card to Lexar Services and after a few weeks, voila!, I have at home three DVDs, whit all the photos, including the very first ones that I took using that card, and even the card been formatted many time, ALL THE PHOTOS, including the last lose photoshoot.

I am very happy with Lexar, and I will keep buying Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film, period….

Kudos Lexar, well done!

Here is a little Gallery from this last photoshoot:

Hope you have a great end of the week, I am moving to a new office, and I am not in mycomfortzone, enjoy the day for me, will you?

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film, lights by Alien Bees and SB800 speed lights.

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