Happy Sunday folks;

This is a quick comeback after many light-years of traveling to this marvelous universe (work is whipping my back, the true story behind my absence) and guest what?… when I thought everything gonna be back to normal…. a crash in the intergalactic engines…

Yeah… about three weeks ago when for photos with a good friend and photographer Don Smith (look at his site here), everything went as planed, lights, speedlights, cameras, lenses, hot girl, motorcycle and many other ingredients, until around 10 PM went we were about to finish the shoot, my Lexar Pro Card CRASH ON ME!, holy crap I said, getting on my bike, race the traffic in my way home, and guest what…. NADA, ZERO, ZIP, NONE, NOTHING, NIENTE, KITU, NICHIBO! all the photos GONE for the holy will of the Gods…

Now I am trying to get support from Lexar, last time this happened to me everything went FINE, got a brand new card! this guys had a very good Customer Service.

Here Want to Show you some photos from my friend’s Don camera, hope you learn this lesson today, ALWAYS CARRY MORE THAT ONE CARD OF DIGITAL FILM!

ohhhh Yeah!

… and myself with my Speed Triple testing and setting the light setup

Have a great Sunday afternoon!

Cesar Out!

Notes: Photos taken with Nikon D700 w/ Nikkor 24/70mm f/2.8 AF-S and Alien Bees Strobes