…en la Bahia de Manzanillo!

Hello friends;

Being a little busy and away from writing, today want to share some photos from a beautiful city over Cuba called Manzanillo, this city is located over the east zone and has a nice Caribbean Sea view. Never been there before we spend a good day over together with my brother and sister in law. The city is very attractive, has to say it, for being a “inside” city is pretty good, for example in the city’s central park, this Glorieta is a mix of Arabic architecture with Spanish, is a very old city, around 140 year (check more information about the city over Wikipedia in this Link).

Well, this stop was after hours of driving from Santiago de Cuba, had been talking with my brother days before to stop for photos, meet the city and his church, we arrive around 11 AM, very good in time for lunch, then after a few hours of talking and talking, we hit the road, camera in hand, digital film and a big will for good photos.

This part of the City, the Central Park, was under construction, people over were telling me that glorieta is one or two in the world, have to find that info and update this post, but people in the City are very proud of they belongings.

One of the most amazing “city living Stuff” was when we walk over the “Malecon” and saw these fishermen fishing for shrimps, pretty cool indeed, take a look:

Now I am going to let you see the other photos, enjoy and share!

Cesar Out!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma and Tamron Lenses on Lexar UDMA Professional Digital Film

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