Between rocks and trees…. time for Competition.

Buenas Noches; A week ago I went to Hardrock Cycle Parck over Ocala, FL, Florida Trial Association had an event over and decide to covered it, together with Steve Loveridge spent a great day of competition. Took my cousin with me, he never saw before this king of competition, so we had a great drive to the location, and found great people, this is Jeff from Buffalo, NY, Steve rival, very cool guy he is Noah dad, look at the photo in gallery below, running on GasGas a very hard opponent indeed. The day was really cool, around 38 degrees, every rider was all covered with hoodies and good gloves. Races started at 10 AM, so we had some time to prepare, Steve was putting all together, motorcycle parts, tools, gloves, everything in a little pouch, if sometime happened on the track I guess he has a complete shop behind his back, (here in this photo Steve is preparing the toolbox), after the motorcycle started, a very hard time with this; well when using carburetor is kind of difficult to had it in the first kick… (lol), I had time to try and freestyle a vintage Honda 125cc trial bike form 1973, very cool motorcycle, take a look: During the competition, a was over the 4×4 trail, a HUMMER day with the boy from the Hummer Club, (find the link here), now I want to show you a few more shots form that amazing day:

This is a little movie, from some pros and a beginner, enjoy:

Now, time to get ready for a great Monday, hope you had a great weekend. Saludos Cesar Out! Note: Photos taken with Nikon D300/D700 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film, b-rolls with Sony Bloggie

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