Classic Cameras Friday! Olympus 35RC ~ 1970

Hello, and Happy Friday!

Another Master piece, the Olympus 35RC, have a Canon Canonet like this one, need some work, will do and post photos later, enjoy!

  • One of the smallest 35mm automatic/manual rangefinders
  • $100 with f2.8 lens in 1970 ($562 in 2010 dollars)

To quote the Olympus corporate history site:

“Known as ‘Richard,’ the Olympus 35RC first went on sale in 1970. With a body similar in size to the Pen cameras, this coupled-rangefinder camera had a shutter-priority AE system. The aperture setting could also be controlled manually, making this an ideal secondary camera.”

Some Photos:

Buenas Noches

Cesar Out!

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