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Hello there;

Last Sunday Aug 4, 2013 a group of FJ Cruisers visits Bear Island 4×4 Park over Big Cypress Natural Preserve, here is a fantastic Gallery from the event, thanks to Juan Carlos (JuanKa Photos) for the help  and filming during the event!

Have a great Weekend!

Cesar Out!

Hello there;

First of all Happy Monday :-), hehehe, classy day to suffer the weekend’s hangover, I have none, spent most of the days over Miami, working of course…

Well, couple of weeks ago I went to Reeves Motosports for some get together cars enthusiasts event, and thought, Why don’t use my super wide angle lens (Sigma 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6 HSM EX) just with my D700 FX camera? you know when you do this the FX sensor’s camera become a 6MP one, but hey, this is cool with me,  love the results, take a look:

I don’t really care about the distortion, just another wicked point of view that make you see different, always love super wide angle lenses, next in my wish list is the AFS Nikkor 16mm Fish Eye lens, will post photos the moment I get them out of the camera. Continue Reading

Hello There!

..when nature calls, you answer, I have to say, what a wonderful weekend, Memorial Weekend. I spent the whole long weekend over Fisheating Creek Outpost, near to Okeechobee and Palmdale, a very good company from Miami, Juan Carlos Aguero (check his blog here), and Roberto Puertas ((FB Profile Here), now let me show you the map, and the amount of photos, thanks to LR 4 Map Module, I have to say, this time Adobe, you figured it out!!!!

Well have to say the weekend was perfect, hopefully no rain at all, now was very hot and soupy, the humidity was over the limits, but hey!, this is Florida, what are you waiting for…..

The Team, Juan Carlos and Roberto form Miami, myself from Tampa, very good team to embrace the weekend, take a look:

In this location the water level should around 4 feet, if you can see, there are not even a inch of it, so sad, we found the levels were sol low, that we have to camp one mile before our original destination, the Memorial Tree, this is so wrong usually you find this information over the Outpost website, but this time NONE, looks like somebody sip all the water. Continue Reading

Hello folks,

Yesterday, hummm, what a day, a lot about this Supermoon, of course I don’t want to be alone at home watching Nat Geo Channel, so grabbed my gear and head out for photography. the Location, just a place close to home, over the neighbor city of St. Petersburg, when arriving to the place, just got amazed with the number of people were waiting for the Event!.

We waited for about 25 mins, and then the Moon, so majestic and red/orange over the horizon, I started shooting, the shootout lasted for around 2 hours, mosquitoes were killing me but after all, you just prevail there for a good photo.

I am very happy with this photo, the blue hour and the warm color of the Moon make the perfect combination, another point to mention, I did plan this shoot in advanced, deciding what location and knowing the time and azimuth where the moon going to rise. Continue Reading

Buenas Noches;

A week ago I went to Hardrock Cycle Parck over Ocala, FL, Florida Trial Association had an event over and decide to covered it, together with Steve Loveridge spent a great day of competition.

Took my cousin with me, he never saw before this king of competition, so we had a great drive to the location, and found great people, this is Jeff from Buffalo, NY, Steve rival, very cool guy he is Noah dad, look at the photo in gallery below, running on GasGas a very hard opponent indeed.

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Hello, and Happy Love Day!

When I was a kid, I did really enjoy the Star Wars movies, back in Cuba, with everything possible was out of reach, watching this movies was a blessing, the idea of Intergalactic Knights (Jedi) came over as a rocket hitting the target, Kaboom!!!!, with many hours of reading the legends of Richard The Lion Heart, Robin of Locksley, King Arthur and many others, the new saga and the science fiction characters were in our conversations after classes every day.

Now I understand you are there, reading this and asking: What is all about Jedi and Photography, well simple…. last Sunday went to Hardrock Cycle Park in Ocala,FL I was covering races from the Florida Trial Association, and guess what?… a group of HUMMERS were on the trail, showing their great off road capabilities.

Taking the lead was this amazing yet beautiful HUMVEE, a very well build diesel engine military grade truck, all in black like a Sith Lord telling the Apprentice what to do, and of course they were doing so, without hesitation.

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Happy Sunday friends!

What a day yesterday (Sat Jan 28, 2012)… after a painful one hour drive to Kissimmee FL, finally got to see the Mecum Auction in action!!!…

Covering this event was a real blessing, never saw before that many cars in my entire life, my Favorite 1967 GTO!, that’s a car!, I don’t know if I have to say more, but if you missed it, try to go next year is a very good experience.

Got my Media Pass through friend Drew (@Motozombie1), we were helping Motorama Guys (@BerryLowman) to cover the Auction, together with Mike form AtomicMotoX (@AtomicMotoX). After a few hours another group of friend join us and had a walk to the tents, hundred of cars, for sale, including boats, everything was in perfect harmony till the end of Sunday, when the auction move to another place.

The light inside was a little bit tricky, compensated white balance for tungsten, then shutting A, sometimes M, ISO at 800 trying to keep my shutter speed around 1/125s, aperture at f/4. After all this, of course I had to work the WB adjustments, the light was OK, but I think they setup that way for the TV cameras, either or I came back home with a nice repertoire, personalities including the Master Mind Dana Mecum and from Chasing Classic Cars Wayne Carini, photos in the gallery below.

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Hello there!

Last weekend I was over Bushnell, FL covering the Dade Battlefield Reenactment for 2012, what a nice history class, knowing details of the live in the Peninsula back in the days was a bless. Never knew that the Seminole Tribe never signed a piece treaty with the White People, and the Word Seminole = Cimarrón, very good indeed!

Waited until 2PM to start shooting the actual battle, but first I did a walk around and grab some good photos of the participants, and see from Front Row how the old Floridians lived back in the 1800s.

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Hello there;

Been away from the blog for a few weeks, family issues keep out of shooting, processing and posting, but now for 2012 I am back in action, like construction business, it’s a go!

Ready for Action

This small assignment caused a lot of happiness, we are building!!!, businesses are going through this hard time, and to be all this perfect at all, light was superb that day, beautiful Sun, blue sky a a few clouds. The Company…. Tiger Contracting, LLC.:


They were building a big structure, first a big slab of concrete, we’re talking the floor, then poring concrete to create all the walls, no sticky concrete, they use Nox-Crete a chemical product to keep both concrete part ready for installation.

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