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From the last weekend, what a busy week uffff!, well, here is the last part of my weekend in Ocala, first stop of our tour (thanks to Karen for an amazing tour – Check FB Page here – ) this farm is called after his owner Hennessy Arabian Horses, a very nice place to spend the wekend for sure.

As part of the coverage of the SLKWorld meetup this time just horses, this beautiful animals took me away of the cars for a moment. Continue Reading

Hey there;

Past Saturday, after a short stop for some to do’s in the morning, traveled the the Ocala Area in Central Florida, was covering a meeting from riders of the Forum, after a few of talking we headed to the Horse Farms area, we stopped at two farms, the second one called Hope Hall Farm, I have to say, what a place, so peaceful yet full of great energy, hanoverian horses and great people, had a blast, look at this photo!

These amazing horses were in a demonstration when we arrived to the farm, the day was very hot, I was full geared, two cameras, in one the 70-200 VRII, but didn’t stop pressing the shutter, had a blast!!!, I did some flash portraits too with the cars, already sent to the guys from the SLKWorld Site. Continue Reading

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One paragraph post!, just reminding myself I have to get back to St Pete for some photos!

Cesar Out!

Note: Photo taken with Nikon D300 using Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 on Lexar Pro UDMA Digital Film

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This past saturday, Euro Cycles of Tampa Bay unveiled another Italian Superbike, the Ducati Panigale 1199 S, great machine, named after the Panigale town near Bologna, they call it Motor Town.

Got over the Dali Museum before the event start,  got a chance to take a bunch of photos before they cover the motorcycle:

Have to say, this time Ducati nailed, so phenomenal machine, what a piece of technology! Continue Reading

Hello guys;

Last week my office went to play golf, the 4th Annual Golf Tournament, great event for a great cause, went shooting after a surgery, feeling o’right, had the time to snap good photos.

This is a small selection:

[nggallery id=9]

Love shooting golf, amazing swings, and the green, can’t forget the green. For more information about this tournament look at the Housing Authority Website (click to navigate)

Keep playing Golf,

Cesar Out!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D700/D300 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film

Hello friends;

Being a little busy and away from writing, today want to share some photos from a beautiful city over Cuba called Manzanillo, this city is located over the east zone and has a nice Caribbean Sea view. Never been there before we spend a good day over together with my brother and sister in law. The city is very attractive, has to say it, for being a “inside” city is pretty good, for example in the city’s central park, this Glorieta is a mix of Arabic architecture with Spanish, is a very old city, around 140 year (check more information about the city over Wikipedia in this Link).

Well, this stop was after hours of driving from Santiago de Cuba, had been talking with my brother days before to stop for photos, meet the city and his church, we arrive around 11 AM, very good in time for lunch, then after a few hours of talking and talking, we hit the road, camera in hand, digital film and a big will for good photos.

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Happy Sunday friends!

What a day yesterday (Sat Jan 28, 2012)… after a painful one hour drive to Kissimmee FL, finally got to see the Mecum Auction in action!!!…

Covering this event was a real blessing, never saw before that many cars in my entire life, my Favorite 1967 GTO!, that’s a car!, I don’t know if I have to say more, but if you missed it, try to go next year is a very good experience.

Got my Media Pass through friend Drew (@Motozombie1), we were helping Motorama Guys (@BerryLowman) to cover the Auction, together with Mike form AtomicMotoX (@AtomicMotoX). After a few hours another group of friend join us and had a walk to the tents, hundred of cars, for sale, including boats, everything was in perfect harmony till the end of Sunday, when the auction move to another place.

The light inside was a little bit tricky, compensated white balance for tungsten, then shutting A, sometimes M, ISO at 800 trying to keep my shutter speed around 1/125s, aperture at f/4. After all this, of course I had to work the WB adjustments, the light was OK, but I think they setup that way for the TV cameras, either or I came back home with a nice repertoire, personalities including the Master Mind Dana Mecum and from Chasing Classic Cars Wayne Carini, photos in the gallery below.

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Hello there;

Been away from the blog for a few weeks, family issues keep out of shooting, processing and posting, but now for 2012 I am back in action, like construction business, it’s a go!

Ready for Action

This small assignment caused a lot of happiness, we are building!!!, businesses are going through this hard time, and to be all this perfect at all, light was superb that day, beautiful Sun, blue sky a a few clouds. The Company…. Tiger Contracting, LLC.:


They were building a big structure, first a big slab of concrete, we’re talking the floor, then poring concrete to create all the walls, no sticky concrete, they use Nox-Crete a chemical product to keep both concrete part ready for installation.

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Hello there;

Today I did went out for some photos, because it was a practice day took my Nikon F100 for some Film Fun! I am very happy with the results:

Hope you had a great weekend!

Cesar Out!