… at the Dali Museum for Art and Italian Superbikes

Hello there;

This past saturday, Euro Cycles of Tampa Bay unveiled another Italian Superbike, the Ducati Panigale 1199 S, great machine, named after the Panigale town near Bologna, they call it Motor Town.

Got over the Dali Museum before the event start, got a chance to take a bunch of photos before they cover the motorcycle:

Have to say, this time Ducati nailed, so phenomenal machine, what a piece of technology!

Now let’s talk about the location, the Dali museum, now this is the kind of place you choose to unveil this kind of industrial art, the new building is just amazing, take a look:

Now let’s continue to the Ducati Girls, hummm, I have to say this time we have a nice representation, there are a intrinsic relationship between hot girls and superbikes, just can’t live without each other, just take a peep:

Now, I have a little gallery from the event, with more photos, actually a close to 100 photos form the event itself, enjoy and share!

Cesar Out!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D700/D300 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film

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