Classics… Florida Vintage MX at Sunshine MX

Hello guys;

Last sunday 9-26 Florida Vintage MX presented an event over Sunshine MX in Clearwater, what a sweet machines, old CZs, Hondas, Yamahas, Bultacos, Can-Am, you mentioned, even Harley Davidson with a dirt bike, AMAZING!. As a plan for the weekend, Christian Chenier, from and I, went to the event, what a blast, let me show you some art related to it:

This event triggered a lot of memories, good memories of course, back in 1992 when the last Official MX Tournament was held in Santa Clara, CUBA, I was there, photographing two canadians, racing for the National Title.

Let me just tell you, this bikes are old, but nothing slow, they can go through the mud like new YZ450F, when they went to race, you can see the wisdom in the riders, the track was so muddy, that all the motorcycles were everywhere.

Talking now a little bit about our profession as a photographer, man let me tell you, light was tricky, can’t find a decent White Balance for the day, not even in the mighty 5600K, at the moment of the post production, had to update all the WB to 6500K, hopefully I was shooting RAW/NEF thinking over the speed of the bikes, plus the muddy track, no need for Fine JPEGs.

Before getting muddy, I did walk all over the place, getting the best memories from this awesome machines. Many of the bike were on the track for practice, other sparkling clean, this Husqui can just talk by itself.

I have a very good Photo Gallery that you can see here ===> (View SmugMug Gallery), enjoy the Machines, if you are a Motorcycle Freak, you will!!!!

Today is Thursday, and is almost time to get back to my web development work, hope you enjoy your weekend, I will be here with more action photography! planning in going to Gainesville for the qualifying races of Gatorback.

Cesar Out! have a great night!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar UDMA Professional Digital Film


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