Everglades Nat’l Park Project. Phase 3, Anhinga Trail

Well, Hello;

Is time for Phase 3, Anhinga Trail, very interesting place, have to say, the sound/roaring of the gators impressed the shit out of me, damn animals, so cool, Mama Gators were taking care of the small ones, or just in the process of having more, the point is, all the roaring and funny sound really is something

The place is amazing, about a mile long, it will take you to the middle of the Big Swamp right away, during the walk we got some good shot, a guy, when he was getting out, was telling us about the grasshoppers, well, there were all over the place, but in the WRONG location, so the changes of getting good photos were little one.

I found in my way out a very good one, just waiting to be photographed, take a look:

Nothing more happened just a few gators and a little one, just going to show you the complete gallery for you to enjoy:

I can’t say enough about the mosquitos, is amazing the amount of bugs you can find over the swamp, well, I think is like nothing for everybody that live in that place, isn’t it?

Well after a nice thai dinner, well filled and ready to rest, Hasta Ma簽ana!

Cesar Out!

Note: Pictures taken with Nikon Cameras (D300/D700) using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film

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