Hello There;

First of all, Happy Memorial Weekend for everybody!, hoping you’re enjoying the long weekend.

Just transfer a few scanned images from a Kodak BW400CN film. The Machine: Nikon F100, I have to say, since the camera came out back in the 90’s, I was in loved with this beast, so perfect, So Nikon! uffff.

Well, while many photo adicts fight they way through the digital path and wishing for the MOST Crispy/tack sharp/Impecable images, I don’t really care, per se!, the flavor of the Film can’t go away from my palate, the Grain, the weird end colors, and the NON-Seeing results still got me.

A few weeks back got a BW film and putted in my Nikon F100 for some field test, went for some shots, around the house, over my office and after a few hours of wait got my results, the try out of the Kodak just ended in that, a nice film, but want to try the Ilford, thinking in going for more serious work around Downtown.

Hope you got motivated with Film Photography, here is the rest of my pick:

Great Weekend for you All!

Cesar Out

Note: Pictures taken with Nikon F100 using Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 AF on Kodak BW400CN Film

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