These were the longest five minutes of my life…

Hey There Guys;

This one is not toooooo related to photography, but as always photos are involved, I really want to share the moment.

Last Sunday a group of friends with FJ Cruiser (including myself) went to Richloam Wild Management Area for some trail and adventure. The day was OK, started warming up a little bit sooner that Iexpected, so we decided to start our day, Traction Control OFF OR Rear Differential Lock ON, sliding was an easy thing to do, can’t document the slides cause we were inside the trucks driving, but I have to tell you was amazing, Rally Type, even donuts, FJ go crazy on the sand with the Traction Control OFF.

After a few “Driving Fast” minutes we went into the trail, FJs were superb all the time, even my tires (NOT ALL TERRAIN) were OK. Then the big challenge appears:

This big water hole got me this time, we all supposed the hole was’t that deep, well, we were SO WRONG!, my FJ Cruiser got stucked right in the middle of the pond:

After several intents of going reverse, NONE of them works, I just keep the motor running, listening Rammstein and getting my ass wet, yes, even my ass got wet.

This whole deal rolled for about 5 mins, my friend Drew had to get the sling ready, and Aaron when to the back of the truck to get the hook into the thing to pull my FJ out of the water, 5 MINS guys, all this time I was worry with my camera gear in the truck water was cold as ice, imaging early in the morning, Mr Sun wasn’t that hot yet. Finally I got out of the water, FJ was a sponge filled of water, damn it, I said this gonna be bad!, but wait, I just check on the pictures and movies, told everybody to get their ass in the truck and keep driving:

My FJ didn’t quit, it keep running without problem, I am not bragging about it, but this truck are built to last, to be abused and even being 2×4 still can have a lot of fun, of course, get help/company of the big brothers 4×4 Ok!

After the big Splash! we keep going spent the whole day in a nice area, driving through sand and NOT TOO MUCH MUD! this Video, thanks to Aaron’s Mark II, illustrated a little bit what I am talking about:

Some Credits:

Music: Rammstein ( Sehnsucht )

Movies By Canon 5D Mark II

Stills by Nikon D700

Now I left to you the whole gallery, hope you enjoy!

Today’s Update in the status of the wet conditions:

1. SRS Light still on, based on the FJ Forum is a problem with the sensor ===> need to be re-calibrated
2. Ignition lagging, Today was better, with almost 80F dried out process is speeding up
3. External Thermometer NOT WORKING maybe a little re-calibration will fix the problem

FJ was pressure washed yesterday, and is Blue and Clean like never before.

Well, now you know, hahahhaa, good fun will cost you a bad night of sleep!

Cesar Out!

Note: Videos taken with Canon 5D Mark II, Stills using Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D700 Using Canon and Sigma Lenses, On Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film


  1. Excellent shots Cesar!

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