St. Patrick’s Parade… at Ybor City (Tampa, FL)

Hello There!

Yesterday (March 12, 2011, By the way) was here in Ybor City, Tampa, the St. Patrick’s Parade, woah,, have to say, so cool night, the mix of everything is so amazing for me, have to say I got my beads, and I was saying everybody I am passing as Irish until I start talking, yes of course I do speak funny, hahahhaa, but well, everything was a superb night. After spent the whole afternoon over Dade City MX this was a bless.

Other cool stuff was that my friends from Atlanta (Alejandro Valdivia and Wife Yaima) were in town, actually theporpoiseof the visit to Ybor City was exactly this: Yaima wanted to use my camera to shoot her husband concert at the Market at 7th Ave. Well, the results were great she is actually processing pictures right now, so if you want to check some result visit her blog here (

One thing caught my attention though, cuban mambises over this Irish Parade, man, I have to tell you this, we are every where, take a look:

Salsa music so loud, that make people move with the rhythm, very cool indeed, well we had everything last night, this one is pretty cool, I do love Rebel Flags:

Then after a small walk over7th.Ave, I went to the Market and stayed there for the concert of Serotonic, my buddy’s brother band, well was a busy weekend indeed, to time to take some rest, this new time is killing me, for real.

Here the rest of the pictures, hope you enjoy if didn’t go last night to Ybor City.

Cesar Out,

Note: Pictures taken with Nikon D700, using AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film

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