Hey Folks;

I don’t know if dragonflies are from this planet, or the next galaxy, what I do know is they are a cool looking insect. This last weekend I was over Dunnellon FL, in my friend’s hunting ground and what a perfect place to fill couple of CF cards, what I spent most of the time, before the work star, was photographing this awesome creatures called DRAGONFLIES, well here I have two selection, one from a couple of months ago (you can read this blog entry here) where I compared the Dragonfly with a Yamaha R1 and the next one, from this past weekend.


This is the second Set:

Photos captured with Nikon D300, Sigma 17-70mm f/4.5-2.8 HSM Macro DC and Lexar Professional Digital Film

Ok folks, this is it FOR NOW!, more to come soon…


Cesar Out

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