Which NIKKOR Lens Type is Right for Your D-SLR?

Hello there! Reading about all of the different lens types and abbreviations might be a bit overwhelming, so we’ll try to simplify this as much as possible. You’re interested in one of the latest NIKKOR lenses, but aren’t sure if it will work with your camera. Well, there’s an easy way to know—by checking the […]

Tips for Using Your Pop-up Flash

From Nikon Learn & Explore The pop-up flash on many of today’s Nikon digital cameras is a wonderful feature. You no longer have to worry about having an accessory flash with you when you’re out shooting. Need a little fill flash to brighten a face on a sunny day? Can’t get the shot because there’s […]

Christmas & Creative Light System… From Nikon…

Hey readers, Using a single, tiny, small unit SB800 i was capturing some great shots over Downtown Plant City from my friends, Parke Family, they needed some pictures for the Christmas Card and we decided to go to Plant City for a little photo shoot. here the result, My friend were happy with the result […]

D is in Town…..

DTownTV.com is the new show/internet TV from Kelby Media Group, I really discovered this website reading in Matt Klowskosky Blog and decide to visit, well my point is this, last show this guys talked about LENS, what is DX, FX, what lens to use, don’t get me wrong America, but this is my question, Why […]