St. Patrick’s Parade… at Ybor City (Tampa, FL)

Hello There! Yesterday (March 12, 2011, By the way) was here in Ybor City, Tampa, the St. Patrick’s Parade, woah,, have to say, so cool night, the mix of everything is so amazing for me, have to say I got my beads, and I was saying everybody I am passing as Irish until I start […]

A day with The Maestro… Joe McNally Seminar

Hey Guys; Yesterday was a great day (Friday October 1st, 2010), spent eight hours sitting on a NON-Comfortable chair, but the Joe McNally seminar was so interesting I can’t even felt the whole deal, until this morning of course. I can say if you are into flash photography and never seen before a class from […]

Three Musketeers & D’Artagnan…. Lenses you should own!

I was photographing The Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, over DeSoto Speedway and having a little chat with another photographer, this question was the center of attention: What lenses do you have???? And while there are a lot of different types of lenses appropriate for many different situations and needs, time and time again I […]