Time to Save my vacation time…

Hello there,

Weather is getting pretty good, actually the weekend gonna be really nice, actually I didn’t try to get Paul Dellegatto out of business hehehee, I just repeating what he said…. well get back to photo talk, this time wanna talk about a nice event that happened to me in my last trip to Paradise Lost.

Result that as usual you reserve your vacation in advance, just put away the days you wanna be in vacation, right? I did reserve just the two weeks I allowed to leave from my office, very happy indeed when I communicate with family. The usual 4 and a half drive to Miami is now OK for me, so after a day of decompressing over Sin City, I was ready to hit the road, I mean hit the air, on a plane, flying… to Cuba.

But wait the fairy tale history doesn’t end there, when boarding/checking the lady from the Agency told me that my TWO WEEKS were wrong, only ONE WEEK!!!!!, I was upset, really? c’mon… well, at that time you can not argue with nobody over there, but for one reason, my trip start with the wrong foot.

Well, to make the story short, when already in Cuba, I have to go back to Camaguey, actually have to return twice, so you have two days already gone. Finally got my ticket fixed, leaved a 20 USD tip to the attendant, then a little bit of time for photos.

When going back to the car, stopped at the El Gallo Square, very different when back in the 80’s, now is closed, then you can DRIVE through Maceo St. just like that.

This one when getting out of the reservation office, just cuban lifestyle:

… and one more, before boarding the car to drive for one hour back to home… a classic building, very colonial:

Nothing to say wow, just like the building, and actually with colors from Spanish times.

Now time to go, hope you enjoy the week, the weather and check for sure your ticket before you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and no reservation office to take care of business.

Saludos, Cesar Out!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Professional Film

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