Santuario del Cobre, Under Construction.

Hello and Happy weekend!

In my last visit to Paradise Lost, went into a east trip to Santiago De Cuba, a very hot part (I mean hot weather, hotter than the normal parts of the island), really wanna spend some good time with friend and girlfriend. Before getting to the city I decide to stop by a legendary place called Santuario del Cobre, is a Catholic Monastery with a big history within the Cuban country.

The monastery is in a town called El Cobre, (Copper) this name is because the copper mines that for years were in production of this mineral, here is a link ===> (click to Google El Cobre Santiago de Cuba). The place is literally in the middle of the mountains, just a few kilometers before the City.

For this time of the year, the whole church building was under construction, many workers were inside putting everything together to get to the deadline on time, other people were outside trying to squeeze every penny out your pocket, I have to say, I don’t know if I ever comeback to that place, all the artisan sellers outside the monastery are like vultures trying to eat a defenseless bambi, I was in shock, still have bad memories of what happened that afternoon.

But everything wasn’t that bad, naaaaah, we get to the second floor and see La Virgen de La Caridad, never see so much gold in my life, take a look:

Usually they keep the Virgen to the other side, but because the construction, she was facing backwards.

We walked, all over the place, photographed under a nasty weather, clouds and rain all over the place, then went to the city for some shelter, I need to rest, after driving for 5 hours in Cuba, is like driving from Miami to NY in one day, you are tired.

Now is time for the Photo Gallery, enjoy and share!

Time to eat dinner, have a great evening friends.

Cesar Out!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional Digital Film

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