La Gran Piedra… High in altitude and stunning views

Nice Sunday afternoon!

I am so happy I have so much media to share from my last trip to Cuba, I can say until now the best trip to Paradise Lost until now, exploring the east part this time, in special the City of Santiago de Cuba, nothing crazy cause I was with friends, nice place to sleep and a car, oh the car!!!, stupid chinesse manufactured car, seriously, I don’t know where this asian guys have their standards, ufff very cheap, crapy car!, will post on facebook some photos later.

Well, now back on track to the post. This one is about a place called La Gran Piedra (The Big Rock in english), in the middle of a mountain chain called Sierra Maestra, the rock is just huge, they have over a meteorological station (see the photo below).

The rock is 452 steps up hill, so be prepared to walk for a while, and have your water bottle ready too, this trail will keep you out of breath for almost 20 mins, is a very interesting trail, you can see many plants you can’t find in any other place, just amazing.

During my walk down, found an old friend from back in 1989, amazing, this guy is now working as a tourist guide, he was, back in the days; a career military person, infantry to be exactly. Now he is making his living with tourism.

Myself talking with a local guide

After these 452 steps, you will ind yourself 3800 feet over sea level an amazing feeling, fresh air, the hot sun you find sea level here is gently and soft, on top of the rock, by the meteor station a place for buying souvenirs, and many other visitors.

Time to go down the trail, stop for some flora photos the greens are stunning, take a look:

Helechos Arborecentes

Back in the start line, time for lunch and driving back to headquarters. A very cool adventure indeed. This is a few photos from my shooting day, enjoy:

Now time for some me time, have a great afternoon!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film

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