Fighting for Freedom has it origins… La Demajagua

Hello friends;

This is a very CUBAN post, this place (La Demajagua National Monument) is the origins of the fight for Cuban Freedom, back in 1868 a rich Cuban sugar mill owner called Carlos Manuel de C矇spedez offered freedom to all his slaves who wanted to join him in a fight against the Spanish Conquistador!.

This is a view old the famous sugar mill, a very well spread photo over the internet:

Today this historical place is visited only by tourists (I don’t want to be absolutist, but is almost 99% of the visitors) that have the chance to drive over, for locals is kind of difficult to go, because of the distance from the local town Manzanillo, here a very fave photo of the Freedom Bell:

This last photo was in my Photo Goal Wall, I think i am very happy with the results! what do you think?….

Another view of the Bell:

The rock wall is very tall, almost 6 foot to the start of the Bell hole, love the texture and the contrast between the two, the floor and the wall.

To end the post, the cuban flags, the Carlos Manuel de C矇spedez flag with the actual flag. To all cubans out there, freedom will be ours, once and for all!

I am out to eat dinner!, have a great night!

Cesar Out.

Note: Photos Taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX ASP on Lexar UDMA Professional Digital Film

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