Old Locomotive, American Made… on display

Hello there!

Is a day off for me today, Christmas is around the corner and because of that. Merry Christmas to all of you, hope your Christmas wishes are underneath the tree, your camera gear wish list had been listen but somebody and Sunday morning when you open your boxes you can find there your dreamed lens, or maybe your new camera! so I understand how you feel, but hold tight there, two more days and is a GO!.

This time wanna share a few photos of an old locomotive I found in my way to Santiago de Cuba, in my last trip to Paradise Lost, take a look:

I didn’t hesitate to stop and get some photos of this beauty, the BW idea was in my mind the millisecond after I press that shutter, getting this set to the lab for printing, gonna be my own Christmas Present.

This shot is one of my favorite, process in both color and BW, tell me which one you like better:


To tell you the truth. this was a 15min stop, my friend Oscar was doing some recon inside the controls, very funny indeed, inside the machine, a bit concentration of wasp, the yellow and black ones, the one that sting the shit out of you, so no photos related hehehee, the girls ran to the car and both my friend and I ended the shoot and got ready for departure.

Here is a few more photos, hope you enjoy, details of the seals of manufacture are pretty impressive, USA Made machine, 1926, back in the days this locomotive were used to pull carts filled with sugar cane, nowadays still been used but hard to spot:

Now time to hit the road, motorcycle time.

Cesar Out!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital film, BW Process using Silver Effect Pro



  1. Hi Cesar. I am a screenprinter and graffiti artist from New Orleans. I am going to a show in Atlanta that showcases freight train art called Steel Wheels. I came across your photo and printed 10 plexiglass 8×10″ prints that I am going to reverse paint with aerosol. I wanted to let you know I intend to give you credit as the photographer and keep a piece to send to you. I will be selling them for only $20-$40 each as a way to help w my travels expenses. I read a bit of your story and I have an artist friend in Cuba that I am a penpals with. I love the country and intend to visit their again. I will promote your passion for photography and please email me your address so I can send you a print. -Gabriel

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