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Last 4th of July weekend in my short visit to Miami (family related visit) stop by the Bayside area in DT Miami, using my new Canon A-1 and the Canon FD 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens snap some photos, pretty cool indeed, cause the fisheye lens it’s a lot of fun to shoot with, take a look:

Palmas Reales

The whole idea with the fisheye came in cause after a few time having the old Canon AE-1, didn’t try it before, so here is the best time to try this beast, I was using a red and orange filter that came in with the lens, cause as the Nikon 14-24mm this one doesn’t accept external filters, so the smarty pants in Canon decided to add the filters capabilities in the lens, well at least at the time of film this came pretty handy. So before we get here, we drove from Little Havana (my friend, who was driving his car, was over the optic clinic, ordering a new pair of glasses) to the “Public Parking” over the Bayside Area.

Ok, I have to make a little stop here, damn parking spaces, cost 6 USD per 2 hours, and guest what: Jorge called me in about 45 min, man, no refunds here, but well…. at the end of the shootout got good photos and I wanna show you now:

I was shooting from the moving vehicle, as you can see a few motion blur pieces can be seeing in some of the photos, this shootout was paired with the digital camera, so next entry will show you guys a few heart breaking photos of Sin City most of the charismatic places.

For now, just tired, came back for a short bike ride and dinner out so time for cleaning, covering the bike and go horizontal.

Cesar Out! and have a great night.

Note: Photos taken with a Canon A-1, using Canon FD 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens on Ilford Delta 100 ISO Professional BW Film.



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