Everglades Nat’l Park Project. Phase 1, The Lake

Hello There!

Happy Independence Day!, is Monday 4th of July and just got back from a superb hot and sweaty weekend. Everglades National Park Project with a nature photographer friend Juan Carlos. We left the headquarter about 4:30AM, fuel the FJ and head to Everglades Nat’l Park. nice morning, temperature was nice, NO RAIN!, after driving for about 45 min we hit the ground and landed over the source of the project!, The Big Swamp!, first stop, a little lake just getting in the Glades.

We started taking some night photos, of course always you forget something, well, this time I did forgot my remote, had to do all the shooting with my hand in the shutter button, pretty sad indeed.

After many tries, this photo was my pick, I have to say is very hard to master this type of photography, too much elements in the equation to control, the best recipe!, try and try, as many time you can, the only path to become an average night shutter.

Then came the blue hour, beautiful tones, blues and green were playing together in perfect harmony, take a look:

I finished here and start walking around to get more stuff, sunrise was nocking, and we moved fast, the location, across the lake!. I have to option for the sunrise, one made with the D300 and the other one with the D700, let me show you:



Very interesting how the two camera handle colors, after these shots, I walked around for some more, the results!!!, I am very happy indeed:

In the way out, stopped by the pine trees and grab some light here too:

OK, I can’t still talking cause I was picking all the gear and getting ready to go to the next location, Anhinga Trail.

Time to go!, take care and have a happy 4th of July

Cesar Out!

P.S. Did I talk about mosquitoes???? in the answer is NO, let me tell you right now. I have never see before that many in my entire life, hopefully we were protected by head net and double layers of fabrics, and a powerful mosquito fighter, remember, If you are going to the Everglades National Park for a photo safari, wear the right gear.

Note: Photos taken with Nikon Cameras (Nikon D300/D700) using Sigma Lenses on Lexar UDMA Professional Digital Film.

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