Everglades Nat’l Park Project. Phase 4 Big Cypress Preserve

Ok guys, this entry is the last from this Project;

… and let me tell you this… was the most demanding physically, we walked in the hot inferno of mosquitoes; right through the Cypress Dome, a sanctuary in the middle of nowhere, so perfect in harmony I can’t not even imagine how the living creatures make life over.

The Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve is a place to visit, just once in your life… if you don’t like hot and mosquitoes, is ok, but the simple fact of visiting will put a different point of view about the Big Swamp.


This time we carried our gear, backpacking was a word from the past, damn backpacking!!!, I’m not event remember the last time I did that, well, now I know, last sunday July 3rd, 2011, the walk was about a mile or mile and a half, right to the Dome, it’s so amazing how the Cypress create layers of trees until you get to the core, the Cypress Dome, a big pond; that was empty this time of the year by the way!, but I can’t imagine walking during WATER LEVELS and do photography over the place.Here is the the Collection of photos, I am putting together another collection of photos, from my film camera, that soon will be over the blog.

My Pick:

Now time to get back to other tasks, Buena Noche!

Cesar Out!

Note: Photos taken with Nikon Camera (D300/D700) using Sigma Lenses on Lexar UDMA Professional Digital Film

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