Good Morning and Happy Friday!

Is day 3 in my quest to conquer the Smokies, hahahaha, the Third Day, I was feeling more “IN HOUSE” when riding my bike, so tension and stress were that bad. That day we went through the area of the Tornadoes, a lot of damages in houses and trees, this day was Saturday and many people all over the area were working in cleaning and getting everything dangerous away, I saw houses in the lake, trees over houses, a very shocking moment, went we stopped in this area, everybody was taking pictures with their phones. I tried to capture the most I can for you to take a look:


The same saturday we did a Ducati Event, The Superbikes in The Smokies event, this is a view of the Ducatisti Group:

Well, after a long wait for more guys we decided to hit the roads, Randall from a website owner based in Knoxville, TN who sales all the good stuff for yourItalianbike join us in this ride.

As usual we stopped in many places for photos and breaks, this stop was over a nice river, but the green of the grass caught my attention, really cool, isn’t it?:

Lunch was a blast, a nice place close to Highlands, NC, superbbarbecue, and nice decoration, the girl attendant wasn’t that kind of hillbilly type, she understand a little bit of french and spanish! good for her.

Going back early to Headquarters, we walked to Helen’s downtown for dinner, check the photos over the gallery.

Ok, now time for you to start checking the rest of the photos, here is the Gallery with everything, hope you have a great weekend, If you’re riding, ride safe!

Cesar Out!

Note: Pictures taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 APO DG EX on Lexar UDMA Professional Digital Film,Geo-taggingbrought you by Nikon GP-1 GPS Unit

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