At Davis Island… Sunset with a little bit of HDR

Hello There,

Hope you guys enjoyed a very good Memorial Weekend. Yesterday, by closing the day decided to go to Davis island for some HDR, clouds weren’t the best but at least I can grab some nice ones, take a look:


This one, the opposite of what I was looking for, a 10 sec exposure, and then in post production this non common colors:


Of course I did play with WB and graduated filters but this mixed of sepia tones and BWs, is kind of different for me. This one, the last one is another HDR try out, trying to catch the sunset lights:

The purple colors caught my attention, really!

Well time to get back to the duties, have a wonderful week.

Cesar Out!

Notes: Pictures taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma Lenses On Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film, HDR Process by Photomatix Pro for Mac

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