Visit to Heaven… Peter Lik Fine Art Photography Gallery

Hey there;

Like a month ago I was getting ready to travel to Paradise Lost and by not mean necessary I would missed the opportunity to visit over Miami Beach the Peter Lik Fine Art Gallery. I was amazed, seriously, you see prints so big, I mean, big…. and so crispy clear, so super sharp images; that you almost can jump inside, is like a virtual reality.

Inside the place, oh just let me tell you this ===> is like somebody is telling you WELCOME TO HEAVEN! everything is so perfect, the forniture, the art presentation, the spot lights, even the person in the front desk…. a hot, blond, long legs kind of Miami Beach Chic.

Here the rest of the photos, you know is NOT ALLOWED to use a camera inside the gallery, so as usual I was breaking any kind of natural/business rule, but shhhhhh! don’t tell any body:

Ok, now I have to get ready, more photography to do in a hour!

Cesar Out

Note: Pictures taken with a Nikon D300 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film

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