Hello guys;

Today (Feb 21, 2011) at the Brothers to The Rescue Memorial @ Dale Mabry and Columbus Ave, Freedom For Cuba Rally:

Gallery here:

Ok, Hope this get there where OTHER people can see…

Cesar Out!


  1. Cesar,

    Like your nice pics of Camaguey. My memories from there are not too nice, as my main recollection was that of the prison where one of my Uncles was held at. He was one of those who believed Fidel was a pro-democracy reformer and put his butt on the line for him, only to be put in jail after objecting to Fidel’s cancellation of elections and free expression. I wrote these memories in my book “Memories from the Land of the Intolerant Tyrant”. Best wishes!

    Augusto (Gus) Venegas, from Ciego de Avila

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