Clearwater Beach Marina with Super Cool Bikes!

Hello there;

This is not a easy mix, ok you got in one hand, Boats and in the other Motorcycles…, well to make this history short, Euro Cycles of Tampa Bay (check website here) were invited to this event, a kind of regata where competitors came from al over the continent, Seattle, Bahamas, Canada, Dominican Republic, any ways, good stuff.

I wasn’t able to get some photography during the event, but is always fun to have some king of challenge with your hand held skill, here is what I am talking about:

… and this one too:

This is the Euro Cycles Setup:

Food was good, as usual, and now I am going to rest a little bit.

Cesar Out

Note: Pictures Taken w/ Nikon D700 using Sigma Lenses On Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film



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