AE-1 By Canon, the results finally here…

Hello guys;

I just came back from the photo lab and after a few minutes in the scanning process have this:

In the process of sepia, used the Silver Effect Pro by Nik Software, but the results from the camera are pretty amazing, after all this camera have been around more than 30 years, so you can figure this one out.

A few more shots:

I don’t know if happen to you too, but I can not wait until I picked up the processed film over the lab, man, what a rush, remembered me the old days, once I was over the mountains over Camaguey, we visited (my two cousins) many places, walked close to 50 miles, used about 10 rolls of film (ORWO NP22 ASA125 35mm 36 exp), back in the days we can’t check the back of the DSLR, I have to wait until we get home to develop and process this film, then enlarge, then ENJOY! two weeks with a bag full of film, just waiting to check the results, it wasn’t easy folks, this film stuff is good for you, try it and let me know, I would like to share here your experiences.

Well this is a short one, just to let you know what can be done with a old machine.

Cesar Out!

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