Horses and More…. The life of an Equus over Paradise Lost

Here there,

Almost 1:00 AM and want to close with a little “experience” before bed time ~ The life of a Horse over Paradise Lost (Cuba). this is sometime heart breaking, but horses are animals over the island that save the day for any cubans every day providing transportation, or just as a tool to work the farm.

Non horse in Cuba is well formed, well, let me get this right, only the closest relative to Government officials accessing horse can provide good food and service to this animals, the Others, the one who have to work every day for a piece of hay, that ones, stay really skinnies, to the point of you can see the ribs most of the times.

This gallery will illustrate what I am talking about:

Well talk about this will take out of my focus, which is photography and experiences related to it, hope you have a great night and have sweet dreams.

Cesar Out.

Note: Pictures taken with a Canon A 540

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