Weekend Recap… a short stay over Sin City

Hello Folks;

This long weekend I made it a little longer with an extra day, have to travel to Miami to do some work, two amazing days, I have to say if you go over Miami stop by La Carreta in Hialeah, what a Cuban Food, I can say is the best I ever eat before, ufff too good. Saturday was a technology day, put a web server up for a friend while I was playing Starcraft II, we did a quick visit to Compusa, man over Miami’s Compusa all I can say is that the store is full of the good stuff.

Sunday (today) was the day to leave, made my trip through US-41 (Tamiami Trail) and got some stuff I do want to share with you, and more of course, friend of mine photographed a Toyota FJ-45 in Cuba, what amazing shot, want to share that one too, no more to say, this is the recap, enjoy:

After a few miles into the Everglades, a little stop at the Miccosukee Indian Reservation and Boat Rides Center, air boats, sleeping gator and more, take a look:

Now, I don’t know if you like to observe creatures in it natural habitat?, I do love to stalk this specific creature, my Toyota FJ Cruiser, getting reading to get wet and muddy, just need an expert driver to stunt while I take some good shots:

Now I have to share this two picture, thousand miles from each other, Two Generation of the same Bad Ass Cool Looking Toyota FJ Cruiser:

This one above was over the Everglades National Park

This one here, Toyota FJ-45 photographed in Cuba, last week.

oh boy, this last two are so cool, I am going to have a poster done with this creatures.

no more to say, just i am tired, long drive, sleeping away from your lair, make you want to rest for a whole season, hope you guys have a great long weekend.


Cesar out


  1. Really liking these photos a lot. Great use of color and the zoom is top notch. Great Job.

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