When you Owe, you will Pay!

You all know the weather condition here at Tampa Fl, uffff, lotta rain, thunder storms, and many other problems, well during the whole week i wasn’t able to ride my bike; and guest what, that’s really sucks folks, I don’t know you, but I really become something else when I ride, I can’t really explain what the feel is, but I do feel different. Well no more talking and back to business…

Yeah right, too much talking, hahaha, well, the whole purpose of ask for something is to pay back. I did ask for my ride, my way of life, and wasn’t able to pay back to myself during this whole past week, buried at home, sitting in my computer working in website projects,,,,, well a lot of crap happen when you’re home. In other words, you get bored.

But everything wasn’t that bad my dear readers, Saturday Mr Weather was really a great person, sun shines like never before, and showers doesn’t shows their face during the whole day, and that was my pay back, in the morning I went to the Triumph dealership, bough some chain lub and go back to my site around 1 PM. Was a fun ride, is always a pleasure see the Ducatis, BMWs, Triumphs and talk for a while with the guys in the dealer and other customers.

Just getting back to my place, I did talk with a friend, a cuban fellow, we agreed to ride to Sand Key in the afternoon to take some shots of the bike, well folks, I can’t say no more see by yourself:

This was a really nice shot, we did wait for the sunset, or close to, light was pretty decent and the results in my standards

Sunday was terrific too, we went out in a boat, a lot of fun, weather was cool too, not much to say about Sunday, a lot of beer (I don’t drink), some water skiing, and great food. The sunset was amazing too, I have to say it again and again, was a wonderful Sunday oh God yeahhh.

Sun saying good bye here:

Sunset at Alafia River. Riverview FL.

And something of the boats here:

Boat and Power Plan

Our boat here (Baja 20′)

Yellow Boat and Hot Mamma!!!

Well, well, you can see by yourself, I did pay back all the boring moments during the week, my advice, Don’t Hesitate if you owe to yourself, get out, enjoy this beautiful place, this gonna change your life and more important, going to make you HAPPY!!!

If you want to see the complete collection of pictures I am posting the links here:

Beauty and The Beast, Suzuki GSX-R 600, Triumph Speed Triple 1050

Boats and Everything about Sea…

As usual folks, Happy Light Hunting!!!