At sunset is better, if you want to smell a good Light!!!

Yes, smell light, you will feel it, even touch it at this time, it’s amazing how beautiful light is when the sun is saying Good Night!, time to rest, or better, let me put you on hold for a moment, while I do light the other part of the Globe.

Well, is just like that, and today, I did catch this piece of moment, I can not say I was bored at home, but some itchy feeling make grab my camera and run to Cass St. and take some shots.

No more to say, i just want to share the magic of light at sunset.

HiRises at Sunset
Sunset Under Construction
Sunset Under Construction
Hillsborough River
No Traspassing - A Private Rail Road

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Today the hunting was good, so get ready and spect more from here.

Hasta la Vista!!!