On assignment, for a Friend!!!


Back in the 90s, i was shooting (Photographing) almost everything, from bugs, cars, CSI cases (back in the Law School), but the most fun of all this was covering Rodas, a local Rock Band as a photographer (unofficial, of course) for almost 5 years.

… ” In 1994 Rodas won the best video in Cuba for their song “Es Amor”. Rodas crowned their success with another hit in 1995 called “Donde Tu Estas”. In 1996 Rodas were invited to play at a charity concert in Spain in the festival – Zaiden Rock 96…”

This is just a crop founded on the Internet, Rodas change my life completely. ohhh man, lot of girls, lot of tours, I remember, ohh yeah, I remember, now almost 20 years later, I went to help a friend with his first video Clip. Triptico Band,

I was kind of rusted, but the photoshoot went good, I did enjoy the music, and now, finishing the editing and posting I Can say this assignment was a lot of fun, was HOT, sweaty, but fun, LOUD Music guys, and almost 400 shots.

Find out more at my Gallery, [ Triptico Band Video Clip Filming day ]

Happy Light Hunting.


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