Overland Expo East 2014 At Taylor Ranch, NC

Hello there!

October is a cool month, started with a long drive to North Carolina… to be exact to Fletcher, a few miles south of Asheville for the Overland Expo, what a beautiful country, have to say, being a flat lander, a few feet over sea level makes me feel great.

The venue (Taylor Ranch) was epic, superb piece of property, none better place to held the Expo East. Lots of rigs, from every where in the US showed up for a weekend of overlanding, glad to meet the kids from Expedition Overland (super cools by the way), Paul from Equipt1 Expedition Outfitters, guys from X-Venture Trailers, and most important, got my chance to stand in front of a original Camel Trophy Defender 110, was a thrill.

Here some photos from the expo, cutting of a little vid still in process, will update this entry later on with the YT vid included.

For now, enjoy and share!

Expedition Overland East 2014

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