Walked the Red Carpet… At Mecum Auction, Kissimmee FL


Happy Sunday friends!

What a day yesterday (Sat Jan 28, 2012)… after a painful one hour drive to Kissimmee FL, finally got to see the Mecum Auction in action!!!…

Covering this event was a real blessing, never saw before that many cars in my entire life, my Favorite 1967 GTO!, that’s a car!, I don’t know if I have to say more, but if you missed it, try to go next year is a very good experience.

Got my Media Pass through friend Drew (@Motozombie1), we were helping Motorama Guys (@BerryLowman) to cover the Auction, together with Mike form AtomicMotoX (@AtomicMotoX). After a few hours another group of friend join us and had a walk to the tents, hundred of cars, for sale, including boats, everything was in perfect harmony till the end of Sunday, when the auction move to another place.

The light inside was a little bit tricky, compensated white balance for tungsten, then shutting A, sometimes M, ISO at 800 trying to keep my shutter speed around 1/125s, aperture at f/4. After all this, of course I had to work the WB adjustments, the light was OK, but I think they setup that way for the TV cameras, either or I came back home with a nice repertoire, personalities including the Master Mind Dana Mecum and from Chasing Classic Cars Wayne Carini, photos in the gallery below.

This Photo was taken by Mike, trying to get a shot when people are all over the place is quite difficult:

No more to say, just tune Velocity Channel, they are covering Mecum Auction during the weekend!

This is a little selection from what happened yesterday, enjoy

Cesar Out!

Note: Photos Taken with Nikon D300/D700 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film

Cesar L. Diaz

Cesar Here!.... Information Technology run thru my vains from 8 - 5. When not at the Office I drive a Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Team Edition and a nice Photog Paraphernalia back pack (LowePro Dry Zone 200), inside ===> Nikon Cameras and lenses (Nikon D700, Nikon D300, Nikon F100) and many other tools, of course. Photography and Adventure are ingredients in my day to day life mixed with motorcycles and outdoor activities; and I do want to share My Experiences here with You.

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