C’mon guys!, Mickey is in the House…

Hey there,

Today I was over Lowry Park Zoo covering my friend’s boy 2nd birthday party, oh man, these kids can go forever, they run on nuclear power I think; cause they didn’t stop to run and dance for the whole party!!!!!! lol.

Well the Party started about 3PM until 6:30, for about three hours I was snapping photos all over the place, food was good, pizza of course from Hungry Howie’s and hot dogs on the grill/barbecue.

This is a nice portrait of the Parents! my buddy Orniel and wife Yasmin! wearing Mickey Mouse tees, honoring the birthday boy!

I am tired, let me tell you, but the good news is I booked a wedding for next year, that is awesome. Just got a nice Pre-Wedding tip, You Have a Lot of Time to Practice, before Wedding!, my friend’s fiance said!, very funny!. We had a clown working, the kids painted their faces, pretty cool, isn’t it?, let me introduce you to Spiderman:

Mickey Mouse and the Disney Characters were the Stars of the Party, Mickey came and the kids went like crazy, look at the gallery, had Mickey taking a break and a nice photo with in the guests.

These are the rest of my selection, hope you have a great saturday night, I am going to watch a movie, rest and work after, more Digital Darkroom for about 300 photos.

Now time to go.

Cesar Out!

Note: Pictures taken with Nikon D700 and Nikon SB-800 On Camera FLASH using Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 APO DG EX on Lexar UDMA Professional Digital Film

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