Sun ‘N Fun Air Show, Round 3: The Almighty P-51 Mustang

Hello there;

I was waiting to process all the pictures for this entry, being my fave plane of all times with the Hawker Hurricane and Spit Fire, The P51 Mustang with the supercharged Merlin Engine is always a very top priority of my photography in any Air Show:

What I have to say about this baby!, well is a TF-51 Dual Control Mustang The Crazy Horse, nice and well maintained plane, the pictures taken last saturday make me seeing it and seeing it again and again, what a beautiful plane. During the heritage flight that suposed to be held at the Sun ‘N Fun Air Show, the F22 Raptor had a hydraulic fault and had to land, so the two of the beauties can’t fly together.

The Supercharged Merlin Engine, Just a Peak into the Beast

Here is a little gallery with a nice photos of the Almighty Mustang:

Hope you enjoy, I really did when in the middle of the muddy swamp was taken it photos!

Cesar Out!

Notes: Pictures Taken with Nikon D700 using Sigma Lenses on Lexar Professional UDMA Digital Film